art direction + design

Feed the Beast

Role: Art Director and Designer / Agency: MXM / Client: AMC

The Brutality of Food

Feed the Beast's premiere (and only) season revolved around two best friends trying to open a restaurant in the Bronx as a means of redemption for them both. However, when the mob gets involved, their lives get significantly more difficult.

This concept was developed to set the tone for the show: violent and delicious. Each of these executions showcases how we "brutalize" food in order to turn it into something more palatable. These videos were shot in the MXM studios by the incomparable Steve Giralt, styled by Simon Andrews, and directed and edited by yours truly.

Thirio Facebook Canvas

Welcome to Thirio, the restaurant concept that Feed the Beast revolved around. This canvas was designed to immerse the audience in the show—and to try out the brand new ad unit. 

Feed the Beast.jpg
Series Premiere Countdown Graphic Series

Series Premiere Countdown Graphic Series

This countdown series tapped into food plus the emotional hang-ups, character qualities, and deadly sins of our new characters. The type was customized to fit into the different butcher cuts of the animals to give our new fans a taste of what was to come.