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The "Fun Stuff"

I call this the "fun stuff" because it doesn't really fit into a particular category, but it's all things that I loved working on. Things like killed concepts, lettering experiments, wedding invitations, logos, and other side hustle greatness. If this doesn't tickle your fancy, there's plenty more where that came from. But also don't hesitate to reach out if you see something you like, have feedback, have questions, or want to see more.

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Fear the Walking Dead: Survive the Summer

Fear the Walking Dead: Survive the Summer

Role: Art Director and Designer/ Agency: MXM / Client: AMC

The above comps were created to support Fear the Walking Dead's San Diego Comic Con efforts. This was a cheeky take on waiting for the show to begin again in mid-August. This series ended up getting cut by the client, but I had so much fun making them that I couldn't help but share.

Artboard 8.png