art direction + design
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Role: Art Director and Designer / Agency: MXM / Client: Bayer

The Midol woman is fearless, unstoppable, modern, savvy, and sassy—and there is no way she's letting her period slow her down. Our team was tasked with developing a voice and visual brand for their social platforms to reflect just that. Bright, chic colors and lively imagery paired with quippy, modern language made this content a wild success and an outrageous amount of fun to work on. My role was to develop the updated style guide and partner with a copywriter/engagement supervisor to develop concepts, select stock, and design our social posts on a monthly basis to ensure timely themes.

In 15 months we expanded Midol's social presence from only Facebook to Twitter and Instagram, influenced their website voice and design, and conceived and coordinated a photo shoot for product-centric lifestyle vignettes, photographed by the amazing Laura Metzler

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Evergreen Social Content

Evergreen Social Content

Midol Shoot 2.jpg
Midol Shoot 1.jpg
Midol Shoot 3.jpg
Midol Shoot 4.jpg
Photoshoot Imagery

Photoshoot Imagery

Website Pitch Comps

The two above website samples are comps from when we were pitching the client to redo their website. These are explorations (both visually and with copy) of how—using our new style guide—we could approach creating a web experience that mirrored the social experience. Budget did not allow for this to end up taking place but this exploration was a fun exercise in thinking about the brand's digital experience holistically and stretching my brain in different ways.